What we do.

Natumin Pharma focuses efforts on developing unique healthcare products in the cosmetic, medical device and pharmaceutical fields which address unmet needs for the patient.

Our business model is purely business to business so we look to partner with marketing-distributors to take our products to market.

We have our own product development pipeline and also partner with companies to develop products.

Our R&D clients include pharmaceutical, marketing and general healthcare companies looking to add products to their range.

Technology Platforms.

Natumin Pharma owns several strong patents in the field of dermatology, topical cream applications, odour control, antibacterial and hygiene areas.

These technology platforms are well validated and have been used to develop products such as Locycare Nail Gel sold by Galderma.

Most of our development is done in house with our highly skilled formulation scientists, this allows us to be in complete control of the whole development process.

Product development.

We look to develop unique patent protected products with appropriate clinical documentation allowing our partners to go straight to market.

Our technology platforms provide an opportunity for our partners to take existing products and improve them, either by creating a more cosmetically attractive product for the customer to use or by actually improving the efficacy of the product itself.

We work with big healthcare companies to increase topical drug delivery, improve cosmetic properties of skin creams and create unique medical device products.