Shark Liver Oil and Omega 3

The essential fatty acid Omega-3 is well documented through innumerable scientific studies. Several Danish studies have shown that Eskimos at Greenland have a lower rate of mortality caused by cardiovascular disease than people living in Western Europe and USA. The explanation is their extensive consumption of fish which results in a high intake of Omega-3. Omega-3 occurs in concentrations 10-20 times higher in the diet of Eskimos than in that of Westerners.

Alkylglycerols have been studied for more than 50 years and its health effects have been documented by several scientists around the world. It is not known exactly when shark liver oil was embraced in popular medicine for the first time, but it is known that in ancient times, this oil played an important role for the fishermen, especially at the Atlantic coast of Norway and Sweden

  • Ecomer Plus contains 50% fish oil (with 60% Omega-3 fatty acids) and 50% shark liver oil (with 20% alkylglycerols)
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  • Impurities such as pesticides and heavy metals are removed
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