Deep, purifying and clarifying gel for daily use

It mildly and effectively takes care of skin impurities and surplus sebum without drying out the skin. Acnix Cleanser counteracts and prevents pimples.

Acnix Cleanser contains a carefully selected combination of ingredients, supporting the moisture balance of the skin and preventing the skin from dehydrating.

The Acnix® product range includes four products Acnix Cream, Acnix Everyday Cream, Acnix Cleanser and Acnix Body Wash.

For best results use Acnix Cleanser to complement Acnix Cream and Acnix Everyday Cream.

(Selling points)

  • Mild, foaming and purifying cleanser for everyday use
  • Prevents dehydration and supports moisture balance
  • Takes care of skin impurities and surplus sebum